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Classic Property Management
To Be or Not To Be a Landlord?  That IS  the question.  There are many positives in choosing  to purchase a rental property, or rent one already owned.  However, being a hands-on landlord can be more involved than it may be assumed. 
Southern California Real Estate ManagementThe three property management firms on this page are collectively recognized to handle the majority of rental homes in the Santa Clarita Valley.  Their representative agents are well versed in discussing the economic, logistical, tax, and legal aspects of being a landlord.
SCV LeasingEach of these management companys has its own special way of representing a property owner. 
Feel free to contact me via email, mobile or text (661) 205-6661 regarding which one might be the best fit for you, or click on the images and be taken directly to their websites.
And, if you'd like to become a landlord and purchase a property to rent, I'm happy to help.
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