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Is a Short Sale 

Right For Me?

That decision involves many considerations, and conversations with not only family members, but tax professionals, mortgage lenders, and perhaps attorneys regarding the benefits and/or ramifications of short selling your home vs. allowing the bank to repossess the property.

In filling in the form below be assured the information provided comes directly to me, and is shared with no one without your personal consent. This is a very private and personal matter for you, and I assure the strictest confidentiality. If you prefer, call me on my private line (661) 205-6661 to discuss this matter and see what options and referrals there may be for you in advance of submitting your information.

The contact form below allows me to evaluate your mortgage to current home-value balance, along with identifying your lender(s) anticipated cooperativeness, any outstanding property tax liability, and misc. liens, etc. on the property. All of the latter will determine the overall short sale deficiency, and help determine what liabilit(s) may result from the process, and what benefits may be seen as well.

Additionally, In the "Comments" box below please fill in the "check list" requested lender information, and any narration of your circumstances which may better help me evaluate your short sale position.

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Other lien(s) and/or aware of indebetness recorded

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