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Realtor sales strategies come and go. Many are based on ideas gathered from sales seminars more focused on "getting a listing," or "closing a buyer," than truly servicing the client.

As a real estate agent for more than 25 years, with over a thousand happy buyers and sellers, I know what to do. The tools...

Team Work and Support:

In this era of Voicemail, Email, IM-ing, and Texting, every business is striving to remain “accessible” and effective for the client. My support team of escrow, title insurance, mortgage services, and a host of other vendors, all make knowledge and "tangibility" a finger-tip resource for every sale.

The Multiple Listing Service (MLS):

The exclusive Broker to Broker, up to date, database of properties for sale throughout the Southland Regional Association of Realtors (SRAR), which includes all of LA, and Ventura Counties, and more!

The Internet:

“The web” is involved in some capacity with 100% of our personal real estate sales. The regional MLS is partnered to the web:, Zillow, Trulia, etc. (property search engines), and my site.

My website is designed as a principal resource and comprehensive tool, primarily for the out of area home buyer. It has been specifically crafted to be a one-stop resource for anyone considering a move to the Santa Clarita Valley. It is a tool for human resource departments in firms recruiting, and relocating, to our area. walks the viewer through the Santa Clarita Valley in directly linking to all the wesites for the major resources and service providers of the valley. Home buyers can view specific searches of the entire current MLS inventory in the region tailored to just to them.


My email databases have been strategically crafted and directed since 1997. I routinely schedule and email my property brochures, detail sheets, listing updates, home buyer wants, etc., to my database of nearly 10,000 agents in and outside the area who are known to do business in the Santa Clarita Valley. In addition, the human resource departments of forty top employers are regularly notified of my listing availability for would-be transferees. Plus, well over 1000 of my past and present clients, including personal referral contacts, are also rapidly notified by email of properties for sale and of my home buyer real estate needs.

Virtual Tours:

If a virtual tour is determined as an appropriate tool to promote a property, then our virtual tours lead the industry. Every one of my virtual tour homes is its own web-site. They are an interactive, user friendly, e-mailable, down-loadable, 360-degree showcase of a property. Tours provide not only the public, but the home seller with an internet based “commercial” for their home.

Target Advertising:

On a listing by listing basis, I may choose to advertise in print. It depends on the anticipated buyer profile for the listing. However, today buyers rely on the most immediate and reliable real estate resource, the internet…where YOU are right now.

The Brochure Box:

The “cookie jar” of the listing. This For Sale sign-mounted flyer box is like a magnet to all passers-by, whether or not they’re interested neighbors or would-be lookers.

The Brochure/Flyer: A listing’s souvenir; the tangible remembrance of a property. The highlights, bells, whistles, and price, etc., are all included in this image-packed item. The flyer, or brochure, is the tool which helps the property stand-out in a would-be buyer’s memory. It is a tool geared for mass email distribution to both the real estate and lay community. Essentially, the flyer communicates “come see me,” and/or “remember me."

The Sign:

The “calling card” of a listing. It attracts anyone who is looking to buy a home in the area. It tells neighbors someone is heading out, and gives them the chance to move their friends or family into the neighborhood. The for sale sign attracts the attention of every passer-by. It even helps out of area agents navigate a neighborhood. A sign says there’s something special to be seen behind the front door.

The key safe (lockbox):

The device which determines whether or not your home is shown by a cooperating broker. 98% of Santa Clarita Valley listings provide lockbox access. Those that don’t have a 40% longer average market time. The devices are high-tech, secure, convenient, and increase a listing’s exposure ten-fold.

Broker Networking:

The behind the scenes part of promoting a listing, and matching up the needs of a home buyer. My sellers and buyers needs are promoted continuously to this valley’s top real estate professionals, representing the major Brokerages in Santa Clarita, to cross promote and match up our home buyers and sellers with others in the profession.

Agent Follow-up:

Every day, real estate professionals and their clients are updated on my listings. Any broker who previews or shows a prospective buyer one of my homes is immediately sought out for “feedback” on the preview or showing. All showings go through direct contact with me I am always aware of what the qualifications of the would-be buyer are, and if an appropriate match I Text/Call the client in advance. My goal is to enthuse the showing agent as quickly as possible to encourage the sale. Another opportunity from agent feedback is to find out about the homes competing with the listing, and/or to consider making adjustments relating to condition, pricing, etc., as recommended from the agent's showing.

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